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Hotmedia Coin

Hotmedia Coin (H-C) price, charts and news



Hotmedia Coin market data

H-C Coin Price: $0.000010
H-C Market Cap: $0.00
H-C Circulating Supply: 0.00 H-C
H-C Total Supply: 99,000,000 H-C
H-C 24 Hour Volume: $0.53
H-C 24 Hour High: $--
H-C 24 Hour Low: $--
H-C 24h Change: 0.00%

What is Hotmedia Coin?

Hotmedia Coin H-C is a crypto token of This token was developed to become a payment method for its native platform. Using an H-C token, one can pay for services and products that exist in the portal. Hotmedia Coin is operating on Ethereum and matches all ERC20 standards. The organization plans to launch new projects in the upcoming five years, which will also integrate H-C payments.

H-C price historical chart

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