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Fei Protocol

Fei Protocol (FEI) price, charts and news



Fei Protocol market data

FEI Coin Price: $0.998023
FEI Market Cap: $528,472,432
FEI Circulating Supply: 528,155,009 FEI
FEI Total Supply: 535,059,286 FEI
FEI 24 Hour Volume: $47,223,899
FEI 24 Hour High: $--
FEI 24 Hour Low: $--
FEI 24h Change: -0.59%

What is Fei Protocol?

Fei Protocol aims to hold a liquid market in which ETH/FEI trades closely to the ETH/USD price. The network employs UniSwap as its incentivized DEX. Governance has the possibility to add and update DEX integrations and other incentives when necessary. FEI achieves this via a new stability mechanism known as direct incentives. These stablecoins use vibrant mint rewards and burn penalties on DEX trade volume to secure the peg. They are components of the system that adapt the relative costs, offering choices for participants including pay for performance system of rewards. Fei Protocol ($FEI) is a direct incentive stablecoin exhibiting ERC 20 standard. It is a algorithmic stablecoin, completely decentralized and uncollateralized. Its supply is uncapped. Minter and Burner contracts control the token's issuance, via bonding curves and trading incentives. The sender's balance can change by a different amount than the transfer amount. A mint incentive results in a balance gain on the sender, whereas a burn incentive decreases the remainder of the sender's balance after the transfer.

FEI price historical chart

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