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cETH (CETH) price, charts and news



cETH market data

CETH Coin Price: $32.09
CETH Market Cap: $463,221,849
CETH Circulating Supply: 14,436,122 CETH
CETH Total Supply: 14,436,671 CETH
CETH 24 Hour Volume: $637
CETH 24 Hour High: $--
CETH 24 Hour Low: $--
CETH 24h Change: 2.85%

What is cETH?

cEther is one of cTokens. As a result of supplying tokens to Compound, the costumers acquire cTokens in return. After depositing Ether to Compound, the token can immediately be sent to cEther system and due to mint action, it is undergoing the necessary changes. Subsequently, cEther is produced for the store or contract which inquired the function. Note that in the case of commanding this task of any other contract, the users are asked a due function to acquire ETH as they purchase the cTokens eventually. The process has some differences for cERC20 marks in comparison with cEther. ERC-20 was the primary (and still the most successful) Ethereum token model. For minting cERC20 vouchers, it is necessary to command the approve function at the beginning. All ERC20 token forms support this capacity. The approval needs to indicate that the identical cToken contract is permitted to take up to the assigned price from the transmitter directions.

CETH price historical chart

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