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Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) price, charts and news



Bitcoin Gold market data

BTG Coin Price: $16.78
BTG Market Cap: $294,010,620
BTG Circulating Supply: 17,513,924 BTG
BTG Total Supply: 21,000,000 BTG
BTG 24 Hour Volume: $9,360,958
BTG 24 Hour High: $--
BTG 24 Hour Low: $--
BTG 24h Change: 1.47%

What is Bitcoin Gold?

The forking of primary Bitcoin in October 2017 directed to a formulation of Bitcoin Gold. It’s a distributes, open-source digital currency, which is mined via regular Graphics Processing Units. May 2018 was a critical period for Bitcoin Gold which was hit by a 51% attack. This assault was done by an unknown actor and it let him perform manipulations with the blockchain ledger, where all major transactions are kept. One significant variation of Bitcoin and BTG is that the second one has turned from the initial PoW to Equihash from SHA256. This one is a cryptographic function without a key which has a 256-bit digest length, that’s the reason for the number in its name. It’s supposed to keep all the system more secure.

BTG price historical chart

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