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Bancor Network Token

Bancor Network Token (BNT) price, charts and news



Bancor Network Token market data

BNT Coin Price: $4.01
BNT Market Cap: $938,935,460
BNT Circulating Supply: 234,220,204 BNT
BNT Total Supply: 234,220,204 BNT
BNT 24 Hour Volume: $23,598,192
BNT 24 Hour High: $--
BNT 24 Hour Low: $--
BNT 24h Change: 6.14%

What is Bancor Network Token?

Being a decentralized protocol, which operates on a blockchain, Bancor supports various digital tokens exchange quickly and straight rather than swapping them on currency exchanges. Bancor offers a special technology which approaches the difficulty of liquidity and allows to obtain and sell every type of digital coin spontaneously. The protocol runs on a special marketing model that applies smart contracts to form smart tokens with no requirement of a second party token exchange. Bancor’s inbuilt structure has an opportunity of converting among all the coins that have the ERC-20 congenial format. Bancor’s native coin BNT had a market capitalization of $39 million in March 2019.

BNT price historical chart

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