Zeus Capital accuses ChainLink of defrauding investors

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Zeus Capital will donate $ 100,000 to anyone who provides it with evidence of the speculative nature of the ChainLink (LINK) crypto project. She is preparing a class-action lawsuit against the developers of the altcoin LINK.

It is known that Zeus Capital has previously repeatedly criticized this digital currency. According to the team, the rise in the value of the token is the result of speculation. This project allegedly does not carry any real value for the crypto sphere, and it is an ordinary "bubble".

At the same time, the value of the coin continues to grow. It recently made it to the top 5 largest altcoins.

A statement from the company's press center notes that the lawsuit is being prepared jointly with a group of institutional investors and individuals who lost their funds after their investment in LINK.

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Zeus Capital highlights: "The project aims to disseminate information that misleads investors about the nature and authenticity of ChainLink's partnerships in the development and financing of the network."

The company cites the fact that the ChainLink team sells 1 million coins every week as evidence of manipulation of the token price. The price of one token is now $ 12.82. This activity has been observed over the past month.

If earlier developers dumped the same amount of cryptocurrency once a month, now they do it every week. Zeus Capital urges investors to stop investing in LINK and withdraw their capital from altcoin as soon as possible.