YouTube scammers cheated users and gained about $150,000

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Several scammers hacked into legitimate YouTube accounts and modified the content to mimic the “SpaceX channel from Elon Mask.”

The Channel broadcast archived footage with Mask to ask viewers to send bitcoins to the specified addresses. Also, there were at least 80,000 views of the fraudulent “live broadcast,” which, since June 8, has brought scammers more than 15 BTC.

One of the bitcoin addresses received 29 transactions in the amount of 4.08 BTC ($ 39,840), while the other address received 84 transactions for a total of 11.23 BTC ($ 110,000).

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Elon Musk knows that his name is often used by scammers. Musk also said earlier that “the level of cryptocurrency fraud on Twitter goes off the scale and goes to a new level,” and that users are better off reporting such cases immediately.

However, as Tenable, the cybersecurity company noted, such messages may not be enough, as there is an “eternal cat and mouse game” between Twitter and cryptocurrency scammers who regularly change their tactics to get to the bitcoins of unsuspecting victims.