You can now earn Bitcoin while shopping on Alibaba platform

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Alibaba partners with Lolli

Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce leader, sprang a partnership with Lolli, a BTC bonuses shopping application. Now Alibaba users can get BTC when buying online.

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News about the partnership was published on November 11, Singles Day, which is a Chinese shopping holiday and is supposed to be one of the biggest shopping events in the world. As to the information provided by Lolli, customers of Alibaba spent over $31 billion on November 11, 2018.

CEO of the application Alex Adelman mentioned that this partnership is a prominent step for Lolli as Alibaba is one of the grates e-commerce company all over the world.

He also pointed out that this will be profitable cooperation for online shopping lovers, as they can earn Bitcoin by doing their everyday shopping.

Currently, this feature is available only for US consumers. Lolli’s head of communications Aubrey Strobel said that China residents won’t be able to use the app, and products are going to be shipped from China to the US.

The CEO said that he thinks this is one of the first steps for connecting two countries via cryptocurrency and e-commerce. Adelman also mentioned that the company aims to expand in the nearest future and customers from all around the world will be able to earn free coins while shopping on Alibaba.