Win up to 150,000 USDT at PlayV's First Trading Event

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Do you find it challenging to invest in cryptocurrency? Do you always sell your coins at a loss? You've missed the 'moonshot' coins, and you have no idea at which point you should sell your HODL coins? That's okay; many of you say the same, so we created PlayV, the crypto trading strategy marketplace. PlayV is a crypto trading strategy marketplace where investors can invest in pro traders' trading strategies. No time, no money, and zero experiences are all welcomed at PlayV. Start trading like a pro with $50 at PlayV.

You are pretty good at making money from crypto trading as pro-traders, but do you want to go more and beyond? But you don't know where to meet your-side investors who wish to invest in your trading skills and experience with trust? Three hundred million crypto investors are recommended heading to PlayV to find the right trading strategy for their crypto portfolios. Just make your own trading strategy and start trading to earn extra on PlayV.

Top-performing traders in the market are creating their BESTEST trading strategies on PlayV as products and are open to public investors. Simply deposit your digital assets to PlayV and choose the right strategy for your crypto investing. Then it's all done. You will not pay anything until you gain more.

Investing assets will be controlled by PlayV operation and within the Binance system. It means the traders who manage won't have any access to your money. Global top-performing traders will join the event and waiting for your support.

With PlayV's the first trading contest with the jackpot worth 150,000 USDT, you may end up bringing yourself great luck as well as other exciting extra benefits. PlayV is inviting all the crypto lovers and pro-traders who can show their trading talent to the public. The event is currently live, and the first 50 traders who publish their strategy during the trader registration period will be funded with 100 USDT from PlayV for early bird benefits.

PlayV will hold its first trading competition contest on the coming 20th, January 2022, and end on 17th February 2022. The trader who wins from the event will win 150,000 USDT. Another bonus will be PR and marketing support to become an influence in the field of the crypto world. As of last, he will have the opportunity to receive 5,000 USDT - 50,000 USDT worth of strategy sponsorship that the traders can manage freely for three months.

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To participate in this trading event, check more details from main homepage then you can more details about prize and trading score details. Steve Hong, CEO of PlayV stated that “PlayV Run event will provide a proactive trading experience indirectly to users, but activate the bigger trading volume and participation of top-performing traders on PlayV. Every crypto lovers are all welcome to show their talent and interests within the event.”

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Meet your crypto trading experts. PlayV is a marketplace of crypto trading strategies for all levels of crypto investors. We are on a mission to make crypto finance easy and borderless for everyone. Sign up effortlessly and buy trading strategies created by the best crypto trading experts. Check how your digital assets grow by our traders. Get access to professional traders' expertise and aim higher for your crypto investment.


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