Who are emerging crypto leaders and what to do with other coins?

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Who are emerging crypto leaders and what to do with other coins?

Present time and November 2017 have a similarity, it’s the same cryptocurrency circulation volume, which is approximately about $275 billion. But a lot of things happened with values in this period, they have been soaring from $800 billion to $100 billion.

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Wild things always happen on the Internet. For example, in the early era, the stocks of the Internet change their values more than 50 times in time interval from 1997 to 2000, then they have lost value’s 95% in 2002. Prices were recovering, but some investors still had bleeding wounds.

But there’s one difference between simple Internet companies, like Amazon or eBay and crypto industry. If a company is failed it is being liquidated, sold or delisted. The failed cryptos are always around. There may be no one who is improving this crypto, no one who applies it and even no one who remembers it, but they still exist in crypto exchanges. If you’re interested just look up “Pets.com” in some exchanges, you will surely find this crushed crypto somewhere.

Sure, no one can’t tell you which crypto is going to become a leader and which is going to fail, but one thing that is certain is that the place must be given to upcoming cryptos, so the deadwood must be discarded to give a space for more successful projects.

The first place that needs to be reviewed is 211 coins. These are those coins that represented 21% of the crypto market volume in November 2017 but failed in maintaining their values in terms of Bitcoin, when the market got lower in December 2018. The famous names in this group are TRON, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Yes, technically these currencies are very strong, but they couldn’t command investor loyalty when the market is low. Although the market level came up to the level it was in November 2017, this group lost 25% altogether. No one can insist that these are bad investments, but the coins were in the list of bads on Christmas 2018.

The second place, where deadwood can be found are the coins, like IOTA, Monero, Ripple, etc., that haven’t maintained their Bitcoin capitalization in the 2019 rally. The third group is Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, HyperCash, etc.

The biggest per cent of all the market, which equals 53%, belongs to five coins, who took advantage in November 2017. And they are Bitcoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Basic Attention Token and Freicoin. These are absolutely the leading coins in nowadays market.

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And if you are looking for some new promising investments, there are coins you can get acquainted with Tezos, Ontology, MakerDAO and Crypto.com.