US presidential candidate intends to create AmeriCoin crypto

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One of the candidates on the presidency in the US, Adam Kokesh, intends to introduce the AmeriCoin crypto to return power to the American nation, reducing the intervention of the federal regulation in the life of citizens.

Kokesh has selected a special adviser to develop AmeriCoin. It is expected that the new digital currency will eliminate fiat, and on its basis, a new decentralized monetary system will be created.

AmeriCoin supposedly will function like Bitcoin. At the same time, all state assets, including land, electricity, gold, forest, and mineral resources, will become its guarantee.

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Kokesh promises to distribute an equal number of coins among all US citizens on the first day of his presidency if elected.

“This will be the return of wealth from the federal cabinet to citizens and act as complete basic earnings and coverage for citizens who were unable to reach the “American dream” due to unfair taxes and police policies,” the press release said.