Uniswap will Consider Increasing Liquidity Mining Rewards

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Uniswap community call

Successful decentralized protocol UniSwap has informed about informal community call will take place on Nov. 12 at noon. There will be discussed basic management subjects principal to Uniswap as well as the prospects of its liquidity mining details.

A great number of DEX clones appeared trying to take over Uniswap offering high native token rewards at the time of DeFi explosion. As an answer, UniSwap released its native token UNI and presented its liquidity project in September. It is listed to end on Nov. 17. The upcoming call will decide to prolong the current plan or update the system.

The original program designated 5 M UNI for an airdrop to liquidity suppliers on the whole, equal to 83,333 assets a day.

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UNI began purchasing for about $3, with introducing the liquidity mining project it went up to $8 within 3 days of the token’s release. However, UNI steadily fell from Sept. 19 through early November recording an all-time low of $1.80 on Nov. 5.

Some users think a stop to the liquidity mining program would be best for UNI.

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The community call will also consider Uniswap’s first two neglected governance programs, administration methods, and alliances with fellow DeFi companies Compound and MakerDAO.