Uniswap Hires Former Federal Reserve Executive

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UniSwap hires Gordon Liao

Leading decentralized crypto exchange UniSwap announced hiring Gordon Liao, a previous senior economist at the U.S. Fed.

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He served at the Fed Board for around 3 years. In a tweet, Liao said that he will lead research at UniSwap, and that he's excited about the innovations which can form a more secure and accessible financial system.

Liao has a background in Traditional Finance and Centralized Finance. He said that working at the central banking system he was surprised that the world economy relies on several large institutions. Liao noted that Treasury auctions are handled by 24 main dealers and that The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation settles all three party repos (repurchase agreements).

Gordon Liao said that the institutions move trillions of dollars per day. Next, he wrote how web 3 and DeFi will fix the issues of intermediaries making financial activities more visible, inclusive, and efficient.

UniSwap is looking for more specialists to join the team. According to Liao, building an efficient finance system requires united work of technologists, economists and lawmakers.