Uniswap announced the launch date of the V3 of the protocol

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The launch of the third version of the leading non-custodial exchange Uniswap will take place on May 5.

The developers also promised to implement a second-level Optimism solution for scaling shortly after the release of the new version of DEX.

One of the main innovations of the new puncture - "Concentrated Liquidity positions"

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“Instead of distributing capital across the entire price spectrum from 0 to infinity, each liquidity provider gets control over the price ranges at which it wants to provide liquidity,” the developers commented on the innovation.

For example, a market participant might choose to provide liquidity for Ethereum only if the cryptocurrency is trading in a range of, say, $ 1,800 to $ 2,000. The developers are convinced that thanks to the new approach, the activities of liquidity providers can become more capital efficient.