TON blockchain is near to a planned launch in late October

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Telegram Open Network

Telegram Open Network addressed emails to its investors from which it’s becoming evident that the blockchain is near to a projected launch.

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Chief Technology Officer of TON Labs Mitja Goroshevskiy confirmed the talks about an email and added that the startup is going to run and control TON’s validation pool itself.

After this, the channel on Telegram, given to the project, wrote that initial investors got emails from Telegram. According to that message, these investors need to present the corporation with their public keys until October 16 using the key generator so they can get the Gram tokens they've purchased.

TON is programmed to start no later than October 31. The TON project gathered about $1.7 billion in early 2018 and the process of its creation was extremely confident. Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has never formally published about the blockchain’s actuality. There was only one formal approval of the network's presence, and it was the certification with the US SEC.