The value of funds blocked in the DeFi market exceeded $243B

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The protocols deployed in the DeFi decentralized finance market have accumulated a record amount of funds.

According to the DeFiLlama service, the amount of funds blocked in this ecosystem has reached $ 243.26 billion. The growth in capital investments in projects launched based on DeFi is observed throughout the entire current month.

If at the end of September the cost of funds fell to $ 197 billion, then the ascent resumed in early October.

Ethereum still holds the lead in the blockchain ranking in terms of the number of protocols deployed. This network has become home to protocols that have accumulated assets totaling up to $ 163.11 billion.

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The second and third places are occupied by Solana and Polygon, where DeFi projects have accumulated $ 12.9 billion and $ 4.7 billion, respectively.

The largest were the Aave, Curve, and MakerDAO protocols, in which funds for $ 19.44 billion, $ 18.6 billion, and $ 16.73 billion were blocked.

Back in August, the founder of the Vasper platform, Matthew Roszak, announced that the capitalization of the DeFi market in 2022 is going to continue to grow, and it could reach $ 800 billion.