The price of cryptocurrency Beam is growing rapidly amid the statements of regulators and the announcement of Libra

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Beam cryptocurrency price growing

The Beam, confidentiality-oriented on transactions, which are based on the MimbleWimble algorithm, is rapidly growing in price - the coin has risen by 55% in just one day, and during the past week the increase was about 160%.

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Analysts attribute such confident and sharp growth to the increased user interest in confidential cryptocoins in general and in the new generation of cryptocurrencies on the MimbleWimble protocol in particular.

It is worth noting that the coin developers are also preparing to present a number of new technical solutions soon.

In addition, the developers note that judging by the growth of the Russian-speaking Beam community in the Telegram, as well as by appeals to the support service, the largest influx of new users comes from RF, Ukraine and other countries with a strong Russian-speaking community.