Telegram is testing an Ethereum-compatible blockchain

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Telegram is testing an Ethereum-compatible blockchain

Telegram Open Network the most foreseen project of the famous messenger app is being openly tested. It’s declared that TON is going to be designed so it can adapt to Ethereum. This option is going to facilitate users porting smart contracts into the innovative system.

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Telegram is one of the fast operating messengers nowadays and it’s managing for beginning its awaited blockchain project. TON is going to host the native crypto of the system - Gram. The start of this network is scheduled at the end of October 2019.

Telegram has been quiet as long as it was sure it can begin it’s testing process. Last week info came from Telegram close sources and they declared that the TON is going to interact with Ethereum.

The CEO of TON Labs, Alexander Filatov told that one of the company’s engines was working on Solidity compiler since July. This is a programming language, which is widely applied on Ethereum and it is going to let developers port their smart contracts to TON.

As “Vedomosti” Russian magazine reported permitted testing is going to open in the nearest future. Telegram is going to publish the code and needed directions for setting up and hosting a Telegram node to the public.

It’s thought to let the public test consensus and sharding mechanisms too.