Solana Experienced a New Outage

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Solana blockchain outage

On June 1, the Solana blockchain faced a technical difficulty, as a result of which the network was halted for over 4 hours.

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The team tweeted that a bug led to nodes' generating different results for the same block, because of which operations stopped advancing.

After about a 4 and a half hour outage, validator operators finished a cluster restart of Mainnet Betta.. Solana announced that network operators and decentralized apps will continue to restore within the following hours.

This was Solana's second outage in the course of one month. The previous one happened on May 3, when transactions stopped for seven hours.

After the news about the outage came, the price of Solana's SOL token dropped by around 11%. At this moment, the coin trades at around $39. SOL is one of the largest cryptocurrencies. Currently, it ranks 9th with a market cap of over $13 billion.