SoFi CEO Anthony Noto Revealed He Holds Crypto

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SoFi CEO Anthony Noto crypto

The CEO of financial company SoFi, Anthony Noto said that his family holds crypto and that it would be a mistake for enterprises to ignore blockchain technology despite the risks of that digital assets present.

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In a CNBC interview, Noto mentioned that the crypto industry is still at its early stage and it's uncertain.

SoFi delivers crypto trading services, and the CEO said that the company always warns clients about the risks related to crypto investments. At the same time, high risks can bring high rewards. So, Anthony Noto finds it would be the right thing to invest a small part of holdings in crypto.

The Noto family invested in crypto and owns Bitcoin, Ether, and other crypto assets, which is the small part of their investments. Talking about decentralized finance, Noto said if companies don't innovate and use crypto as a tech platform, they will get left behind.

This year’s Super Bowl is called Crypto Bowl as there is a high number of advertisements related to the crypto sector. Also, the game was held at SoFi Stadium, which partners with Coinbase and delivers crypto trading.