Soccer Champion Tom Brady Introduces an NFT Project

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Tom Brady NFT

American football legend Tom Brandy will release his NFT network named Autograph. The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the project Dillon Rosenblatt told CNN about his decision on April 6.

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He said that Autograph will join many famous individuals and companies who will build and issue collectibles and offer them to their fans and supporters. Tom Brady and the CEO of Demand media Richard Rosenblatt will head the network. The project also partnered with a number of high-ranked advisory teams such as Apple, Lionsgate, and others.

Autograph plans to hold different kinds of events including live bids, physical goods releases, and personal experiments.

The sports industry is becoming more and more interested in crypto. Speaking of football, teams like Juventus and Paris Saint Germain have been partnering with blockchain companies for a long time and they hold their fan tokens. These units enable voting and provide membership rights ownership.