Shopify Enables Direct NFT Sales From NFT Stores

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Shopify NFT direct sales

Ontario-headquartered international e-commerce company Shopify now enables direct NFT sales between merchants and its clients.

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The president of the company Harvey Finkelstein tweeted about the news. He says that with this move, the buyer-customer relationship becomes simpler and doesn't require third parties.

One of the primary NFT stores to launch on Shopify became Chicago Bulls. The store presents various collectibles featuring great moments of the NBA team.

To the question of one of the followers if the option is available for all Shopify clients, Finkelstein answered that at the moment they select few but news are expected.

Legacy Collection by the Bulls is among the first ones on Shopify. It depicts six world championship rings in the form of tokens available to purchase from July 26 to 31.

The first edition of the 1991 edition was released on July 26. The tokens are sold out for $49 each.

Next, there will be the drop of the 1992 Championship edition on July 27. The price of a single NFT is set at $92. Afterwards, the editions of 1993, 1996, 1997, and 1998 will be introduced.