Satoshi Nakamoto's Statue Will be Placed in Budapest

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Hungary Satoshi Nakamoto

First time in history, BTC architect Satoshi Nakamoto's statue will be raised. The place is going to be the capital of Hungary.

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The sculpture's face features a mirror-like surface with a hoodie.

Thus, designers Réka Gergely and Tamás Gilly build Satoshi's image which symbolizes his anonymity. The mirror-like surface has the meaning that everybody is Satoshi. Entrepreneur, journalist András Györfi is the originator and co-founder of the undertaking. He is also a BTC supporter and finds that BTC and blockchain eliminate skepticism among people and improve the world.

Hungary's first crypto exchange Mr. Coin together with Crypto Academy, Blockchain Hungary Association, and Blockchain Budapest backed the idea financially. The crypto community, individuals, and 27 other entities participated in the funding as well.

The sculpture will be raised in Graphisoft Park, where is also the statue of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Satoshi Nakamoto presented Bitcoin in 2018. Despite some assumptions, his identity isn't disclosed. One thing is sure Satoshi Nakamoto and the technology he built are revolutionary. Recently Hungary’s Minister of Finance, Mihály Varga announced cutting capital gains tax on cryptocurrency profits from 30.5% to 15%.