Sam Bankman-Fried Expects Regulatory Clarity for Crypto

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Sam Bankman Field crypto future

The founder and CEO of FTX crypto exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, is optimistic about the future developments in the crypto environment.

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He finds that in 2022 the sector will see more regulatory clarity on a global scale, which will boost institutional adoption. In his recent interview with Bloomberg, Bankman-Fried noted that it takes time for institutions to join new platforms and new asset classes. He says the process will likely be a long one, take several years, but the size of crypto adoption will be enormous.

FTX CEO mentioned that every large financial institution is eyeing the crypto sector, with many of them having already entered the space.

In December 2021, Bankman was among the crypto executives who testified in the Congress hearing of digital assets and financial future.

Regulations also will take time, Sam Bankman Fried said. He doesn't expect that all the solutions will come in 2022, but a lot of things will happen this year. SBF mentioned the authorities have started to take steps and stated there'll be regulatory frameworks. He expects there will be some stablecoin regulation rules in 2022.

Bankman-Fried also expects growth for NFTs and video games. In his view, digital assets will make an appearance in games and metaverse. Another prediction from SBF is that social media will start to interface with the web 3. He sees more large names and players to enter the space of metaverse, NFTs and digital assets, which will be the next piece of web 3 growth.