Robert Kiyosaki listed the most promising cryptocurrencies

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Renowned writer and financier Robert Kiyosaki has been urging investors to switch to gold and bitcoin over the past few years.

According to him, inflation is growing rapidly, as a result, fiat money is depreciating. Alternative assets are the only instrument for hedging financial risks.

This week, Kiyosaki listed the cryptocurrencies he thinks are the most promising. Not only Bitcoin can protect your capital, but also other virtual currencies such as Ethereum and Solana.

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The financier expressed his point of view on Twitter and noted that US President Joe Biden provokes an acceleration in inflation. We are on the verge of new and larger shocks, the dollar will collapse soon and we need to switch to bitcoin, Ether, and Solana, Robert Kiyosaki emphasized.

Note that Kiyosaki's predictions often do not come true. For example, in September 2020, the financier announced the collapse of bitcoin after the appearance of a coronavirus vaccine.

However, the cryptocurrency not only did not collapse but, on the contrary, showed very good results over the next 12 months.