Pornhub started accepting Tether stablecoin

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Pornhub Tether Justin Sun

One of the world's most popular websites for adult content, Pornhub, has added the Tether stablecoin (USDT) as a payment option.

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The Pornhub blog says USDT support comes from a partnership with TRON. Therefore, to make a payment using Tether, the service recommends using the TRONLink wallet.

A new payment option appeared two months after PayPal suspended payments to the actresses of the world-famous site of adult content.

Representatives of Pornhub said that since, 2 months ago, PayPal decided to stop paying 1000s of models, they hastened to offer more options. And they added that USDT transactions take place in a matter of seconds and “without commissions”.

Tron CEO Justin Sun called Pornhub’s decision to support USDT through TRONLink a brilliant way to support victims of centralized platforms like PayPal.

In addition to stablecoin, Pornhub implemented support for Cosmo Payment and bank payments in AUD and USD for residents of Australia and Puerto Rico.

Recall that at the end of last summer, Pornhub began accepting cryptocurrency through the PumaPay service. A month later, the service said in an email newsletter that only 1% of purchases on the site are made through digital assets.