Polkadot Builds a Partnership with Chainlink

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Polkadot alliance

On December 3 Polkadot informed about a new DeFi Alliance alongside a new aid plan for validators. The partnership means to beat Polkadot's decentralized nature, offering a stage for its users to discourse practicing the platform and its basic Substrate infrastructure for DeFi.

Tokenized oracle Chainlink is one of the project's co-founders. Other founding parties are scalable smart contract platform, Plasm Network, insurance agent, Tidal Finance, and non custodial AMM, Polkaswap.

Engineers expanding Polkadot Network or Substrate can apply to the association.

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Polkadot plans to introduce its “thousand validators” scheme, which will provide support and motives to people interested to operate a Polkadot node to support 1000 authenticators.

The project is like the one launched on Polkadot’s sister multichain platform Kusama. Although most of Polkadot’s supply has been staked, the system now holds just 249 validators, which means that a lot of stakers prefer to use intermediary service providers.