Pizza Hut enables BTC payments in Venezuela

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Pizza Hut enables BTC payments in Venezuela

On Nov 27, 2020, Pizza Hut announced that customers can pay for their services with digital currency. Never before had the popular pizza place accepted any kind of cryptocurrency.

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This became possible due to a collaboration with the Latin American crypto trading platform, Crypto Buyer. The company has been among the most effective firms in terms of boosting crypto assets in that territory. It launched Venezuela’s first Bitcoin satellite node, the set up of Bitcoin ATMs, and the partnership with some leading markets in the country. Now Pizza Hut is on the list of firms that allow crypto, as a way to promote their capitals. Other Venezuelan organizations have also integrated BTC payments, one of them being

Venezuela’s largest chain of department stores Traki, which was the first to accept Venezuela’s official cryptocurrency -the Petro.

The number of corporations in Venezuela accepting Bitcoin has been growing. Burger King, Intercontinental and Tamanaco Hotel chains, the Venezuelan gas stations that allow in Petro, the Excelsior Gama supermarket chain, and Farmarato pharmacies already joined the BTC community.