NYU professor announces Bitcoin's imminent collapse

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There are still a lot of opponents of bitcoin and the crypto market among experts.

Now the imminent collapse of bitcoin has been announced by New York University economist Angel Benches.

He posted a post on Twitter with a forecast that shortly the cost of BTC and altcoins will collapse to zero. After that, you can forget about such tools, and they will go down in history.

Thus, Benches confirmed his point of view, which he expressed earlier. In his opinion, bitcoin has no real value, and we are already seeing the depreciation of the cryptocurrency.

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With his post, the economist commented on the bearish mood dominating the market. The day before, BTC fell below $34,000, but then managed to rebound slightly.

The expert believes that fiat money is a more reliable tool.

The states that issue the currency monitor its exchange rate and will not allow it to collapse. They fulfill their obligations to investors in full, which allows them to maintain their financial stability.