Now Aave Governance Belongs to Token Holders

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Now Aave Governance Belongs to Token Holders

Aave’s core developers have passed governance rights over to AAVE token owners, giving its community power over the future of the network.

It recently informed that the admin keys of the protocol are now transferred to the governance communities. Besides, this migration is done under the command of its LEND utility token holders. According to the announcement, this is one of the most memorable moments for the protocol and quite an important step towards decentralization.

It became known that the whole community has voted on the side of the first Aave Improvement Proposal (AIP). This was a step towards the movement ability from the LEND utility token to Aave’s governance token.

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Nonetheless, there is 16 million AAVE token in the stock, 13 million of which could be recovered by the Lend token owners. The 3 million left will serve as a reserve. The protocol explained that the tokens which aren't staked nor are in the cold storage could be used to vote on AIPS.