Miramax Sued Tarantino For Planning Pulp Fiction NFTs

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Miramax Quentin Tarantino

Film and television studio Miramax brought a lawsuit against Quentin Tarantino over his intentions to sell Pulp Fiction-based NFTs.

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The filing was submitted to the federal court of LA.

Per the document, Miramax sent a warning letter to Tarantino, to which the director's lawyer answered he had reserved rights to printed publication of the script.The demands of the company weren’t met and the project wasn’t canceled. On the other hand, Miramax says one time NFT sales are out of category. The studio, which released and distributed Pulp Fiction in 1994, argues that print versions and NFTs aren't the same.

Miramax, which released the movie, accuses Tarantino of violating the contract, saying that the director doesn't have permission to auction the NFTs. Besides, the studio says Trantino needed to inform his long-time partner about the initiative.

In early November, Tarantino revealed his cooperation with the Secret Network, to create 7 digital collectibles which include written scripts and comments of the author.

The suit says the proposed sale of NFTs represents a one-time transaction, and it's neither a print nor a screenplay publication. In the document, Miramax says the rights to create and sell NFTs based on the movies it has produced belongs to the studio.