Quentin Tarantino to Release Pulp Fiction NFTs

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Tarantino Pulp Fiction NFTs

Legendary script writer and director Quentin Tarantino will present 7 unreleased scenes from the iconic movie "Pulp Fiction" in the form of NFTs.

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As Secret informs, the digital assets will include written scripts and comments from the author. Also, there will be details about the movie and Tarantino never revealed before. The content will be available only for owners.

Coming out in 1994, made on an $8.5 million budget, the movie was a huge success and brought $213.9 million. Tarantino got the Oscar for Best Screenplay, and the film won several awards. Among them is the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, which is the biggest prize.

Pulp Fiction collectables are based on the privacy-focused Secret blockchain protocol. The auction will be held on the NFT trading platform OpenSea.

In the press release, Quentin Tarantino said being excited to share the scenes with fans. The director added that Secret NFTs deliver new opportunities to build connections between supporters and artists and he's thrilled to participate in that.