MicroStrategy CEO urged Mike Tyson to buy bitcoins

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Mike Tyson

On Twitter, the world-famous former boxer Mike Tyson asked his subscribers which cryptocurrency he should invest in. He is considering two options - Bitcoin or Ether.

Note that many former athletes are actively entering the cryptosphere. Back in the past year, former UFC fighter and ardent bitcoin fan Ben Askren stated that he only recognizes the largest digital currency. He considers the XRP token, for example, a scam.

Now Mike Tyson has decided to enter this industry. Among the many comments, the post of CEO of MicroStrategy stands out. Michael Saylor urged the boxer to bet on Bitcoin. The head of the software company stressed that he thought a lot about where to invest and ultimately preferred bitcoin.

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MicroStrategy controls $ 2.9 billion of BTC. Only bitcoin can be called the best coin of the digital future, Michael Saylor emphasized.

Other comments include a post by CoinGeek founder Calvin Ira. He generally encouraged Tyson to invest in Bitcoin SV. According to him, this digital currency supposedly works better than bitcoin and ether.