MicroBT introduced three new Bitcoin miners ahead of halving

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MicroBT new mining equipment

Miner maker MicroBT has updated its WhatsMiner line of Bitcoin mining equipment. The new models M30S+, M30S++ and M31S+ are designed to increase its efficiency before the upcoming halving. It is reported by CoinDesk.

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M30S+, M30S++, and M31S+, which are available both on pre-order and from stock, will appear on the market almost simultaneously with the latest Antminer S19 and S19 Pro from Bitmain, which began sales in late March.

At the equipment presentation, MicroBT COO Chen Jianbin focused on doubling revenue in 2019. The company sold miners with a total computing power of 35 million terahashes per second, which was equivalent to 35% of the bitcoin network hash at the end of the year.

According to Jianbin, with the advent of new flagships, the mining equipment market entered the “3X era”, referring to the energy efficiency of mining, which reached values ​​below 40 watts per terahash. This will become especially relevant after the upcoming halving.

According to the specifications, the M30S+ is capable of performing calculations at a speed of 100 TH/s at an efficiency of 34 W/TH; M30S++ parameters are 112 TH/s and 31 W/TH.

For comparison, the previously launched M30S delivers 38 W/TH. The M31S+ has a performance rating of 42 W/TH but can be reduced to less than 40 W/TH.