Lamborghini launches NFT collection

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Recently, the NFT space has been actively replenished with new supporters - from ordinary "Instagrammers" to world-famous corporations. For example, the Italian manufacturer of expensive sports cars Lamborghini recently announced that their company is preparing to launch an unusual collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) called the Lamborghini Space Key. As soon as all administrative processes are completed, the collection will be presented at an online auction.

The collection consists of only five space-themed digital works of art. It will be quite unusual for potential buyers to gain access to their NFT tokens, it can be obtained only if there is a “cosmic key”, which will also be created in the amount of 5 pieces.

By the way, the keys are unusual, they are physical objects on which QR codes are engraved. It should be emphasized that the keys are made of material that went into space, which the company received three years ago as part of one of the joint research.

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The art and keys were designed by the Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, who in 2015 presented a highly unusual collection, Decay, where expensive classic cars were blown up into hundreds of pieces.

“I am fascinated by the combination of the digital and physical worlds. It's fantastic when a physical car is transformed into something digital that can be contemplated with a key, which is also a combination of the real and something new, unknown. The interweaving of all these worlds is fascinating,” said Oefner.

It should be added that the NFT PRO corporate solution, which previously collaborated with equally well-known companies, will help bring the collection to the market. The date of the auction is not yet known, the company will announce it later.