KYLIN Introduces Oracles to Protect DeFi Industry

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Kylin introduses oracles

Kylin, a protocol developing a cross-chain data framework powered by PolkaDot, informed about the launch of distributed oracles as a step to the first implementations of its network to offer DeFi environment precise, secure, and economical reference of outer information.

The oracles created by the Kylin Network can eliminate the chances of digital currency rate changes or incorrect data by immediately joining different solid references, confirming the records accepted and supporting DeFi smart contracts on actual-time data.

The project's team believes this can be another major breakthrough as the oracles will cover DeFi smart contracts which are reliant on monetary data, facing value and data processing. The project will add further security to the institutions, providing completely decentralized solutions.

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With Kylin’s system supported by Polkadot, DeFi smart contracts are able to view and test information from outer origins and make correct choices relying on the data collected. For instance, fixing rates, delivering loans, or ceasing operations.