Kosovo Regulators Seized Mining Machines after the Ban

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crypto mining Kosovo

The police of Kosovo disclosed seizing 300 BTC mining machines on Jan. 8.

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In a release published by the country's police, it’s said that performing legal duties, officials together with the regulator Kosovo Customs found BTC mining hardware ANTIMER in the region of North Mitrovica. In another release, the police unveiled seizing 39 vehicles for crypto mining.

Previously, on July 4, Kosovo’s government announced banning crypto mining to save electricity.

The country has been facing issues of power outages for a while and even declared a state emergency for 60 days in December.

Crypto miners from other countries, such as Kazakhstan and Iran also see restrictions. Iran also halted crypto mining to minimize the possibility of power outages.

Started unrest in Kazakhstan and the internet shutdown had a huge impact on Bitcoin mining as Kazakhstan is the second largest mining hub.

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At the moment, the internet is unstable. Sometimes it’s restored and gone again.