Justin Sun is accused of cheating on the Twitter poll

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Justin Sun cheat TRON

Head of TRON Foundation Justin Sun launched a survey on his Twitter account, asking subscribers to choose between Tron 4.0 and Ethereum 2.0. Users accused him of cheating votes, noting a sharp change in the results in favor of Tron.

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The poll was published on May 23, for the first day 20 thousand people voted in it. Ethereum 2.0 gained 72% of the vote, Tron 2.0 the remaining 28%.

After 8 hours, the number of votes reached 40 thousand. This time, 60% of users chose Tron, and the remaining 40% chose Ethereum. In the comments, Sun was immediately suspected of cheating:

To date, the number of voters has grown to 61 thousand, Tron is still leading with 57.3% of the votes.

The leading Bitcoin podcast host of the Reckless Review, Udi Wertheimer, believes that the community’s reaction to the possible vote wrapping is excessive: