John McAfee will release privacy-oriented crypto coin GHOST

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John McAfee cryptocurrency GHOST

An odious entrepreneur John McAfee announced the release of a new private coin GHOST based on the Proof-of-Stake protocol. On May 15, the white paper of cryptocurrency will be presented on the project website.

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McAfee is positioning GHOST as a way to become a "ghost in online transactions." Phantom transactions will use an advanced pool of escrow accounts and will be verified using proof of zero-knowledge.

The GHOST airdrop is provided for those users who on May 25 will be the owners of ESH, McAfeedex decentralized digital assets exchange tokens. On a proportional basis, they will get a quarter of all issued coins.

John McAfee had to enter into a discussion with participants in the crypto community and explain the differences between his private coin and existing solutions.

The entrepreneur explained the advantages of GHOST compared to competitors Monero and ZCash, noting the possibility of exchanging on genuine DEX, which will never be closed.

At the same time, among the members of the community, there were those who saw in GHOST plagiarism of ideas already implemented on the NIX platform.