John McAfee Arrested for Deceitfuly Promoting ICOs

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McAfee paid for promoting ICOs

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sued John McAfee, an English-American computer programmer and entrepreneur. SEC claims that he made more than $23.1 million in secret compensation from advising 7 digital asset donations on Twitter that were actually fake and misinforming.

McAfee supported cryptocurrencies receiving money for that and acting that supporting those assets was based on his experience. McAfee used his position taking advantage of the fact that users trust him. He encouraged people to trade the crypto assets saying he also invested his money in the ventures.

The famous anti-virus software creator will face a banishment process to the US in Madrid.

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Attorneys in the US have uncovered an accusation against the software mogul over statements that he intentionally neglected to file tax returns, and that he avoided taxes. The agency is proceeding charges addressing Jimmy Gale Watson, Jr., McAfee's guardian, on charges he assisted and approved the trade of the digital currencies, among other accusations.