Indonesian student sells his selfies by turning them into NFTs

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The other day, Ghozali Godzalo, an Indonesian college student, was able to sell a collection of his photographs, turning them into NFT tokens, for nearly $1 million.

The collection consists of nearly 1,000 selfies he took from 2017 to 2021, between the ages of 18 and 22. It is worth noting that initially the photos were taken to edit the graduation video (at the end of the educational institution) to show the observation of the changes during the student years. To do this, Godzalo chose the same angle, sitting at the computer. The collection consists of 933 photographs.

Global changes in the guy's plans came a little later, he decided to turn his photos into a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The student called his collection “Ghozali everyday”. It should be emphasized that the guy started selling the first tokens starting on January 9 on the OpenSea platform for $3 per unit, but thanks to some celebrities from Indonesia, NFTs began to be traded within a radius of 0.4 ETH. Against the backdrop of an unexpected increase in prices, in the first two days of sales, the student managed to earn almost $100,000. As of today, 277 ETH worth of NFTs has been sold. There is no doubt, experts analyze, that sales will exceed one million dollars.

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In this context, it is worth noting that the unknown student’s NFT collection was promoted by celebrity Indonesian chef Arnold Poernomo, Indonesian sneaker and streetwear entrepreneur Jeffrey “Jejouw” Jou, and other members of the decentralized finance community.

“I and other investors were interested in the Godzalo project, and we decided to help him, even Joe's joke for advertising worked great. We are now helping him manage the collection by launching a Discord forum for Ghozali,” said Arnold Poernomo.

The chef also clarified that this investment was very successful, because, as a result, it brought him a profit that exceeded the investment by 78,000%.

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The popularity of the Ghazali Every Day NFT is undeniably great today, it may even be able to attract new investors, but it remains unclear whether the tokens will retain their value in the long term.