In El Salvador protests began against the legalization of BTC

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El Salvador

Residents of El Salvador protested against the country's first cryptocurrency legalization. They are worried about the rise of corruption.

The Salvadoran Association of International Freight Carriers has demanded an amendment to the bill, removing the obligation to accept digital gold as payment. Otherwise, industry representatives said they would suspend the provision of services.

"No Central American carrier contracted with an economic entity in El Salvador will accept bitcoin as a form of payment, creating division between foreign and local in the sector," the association said.

The Salvadoran branch of the KFC fast-food chain has supported the legalization of bitcoin in the country and President Nayib Bukele.

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In early June, El Salvador's Legislative Assembly adopted a bill recognizing the first cryptocurrency as an official legal tender in the country.

On September 7, the document will come into force. By this day, 200 ATMs with the option of converting digital gold will be installed in El Salvador.

A July poll showed that only 20% of the country's residents approved the bitcoin legalization initiative.