Hungary's CB Head Urges EU to Ban Crypto Trading and Mining

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Hungary György Matolcsy crypto EU

György Matolcsy, the governor of the Hungarian National Bank (Magyar Nemzeti Bank in Hungarian) said at a press conference that it's time for the European Union to act upon crypto, and ban crypto trading and mining activities.

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Last year, the government of China announced all crypto activities as illegal. In January, the Bank of Russia issued a paper, proposing to ban crypto. However, Russian authorities decided to set a regulatory framework instead of a ban. Matolcsy supports the idea of a crypto ban, saying he agrees with the point to ban the method used to produce new bitcoins.

According to the head of MNB, it's clear that cryptocurrencies could be used for illegal activities and for building up financial pyramids. Matolcsy cited Russia's CB proposal, saying he agreed that the growth of the crypto market is due to speculative demand for future growth, which creates bubbles

He called for the EU to act together and prevent the creation of new pyramids and bubbles. Matolcsy finds law would enable EU citizens to own digital assets abroad and regulators would track their assets.

Earlier in November, Sweden warned about the environmental damage of Energy-intensive crypto mining and recommended the EU to prohibit the activities.