Hardware Wallet Ledger Database Hacked

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Hardware wallet Ledger attacked

Hackers managed to access the Ledger database and get information about over 270,000 wallet users. There were mentioned such personal details as names and physical addresses. All these data then appeared on RaidForums, a marketplace for trading and sharing hacked information.

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In late June, cybercriminals got access to the Ledger marketing database using an API key. The users learned about the cyberattack on July 14 from a third-party researcher. Then Ledger reported that hackers managed to get information from 9,500 Ledger clients. Now, it becomes obvious that the number was much larger.

According to a Ledger spokesman, signs are indicating that the database was "leaked" during the July hack. He apologized to users affected by the hack and said measures will be taken to make Ledger more secure. Ledger also informed about setting up a webpage sharing the anatomy of phishing attacks.

In December, attackers under the name of Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier sent out notifications to clients with phishing links. On December 11, it was found that one of the hackers' addresses had 60.19 BTC.