Grayscale report called Bitcoin “Best Investment”

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Bitcoin investment

The promise by the US Federal Reserve that it would print as much money as needed made Grayscale, the client’s asset management company, say that only Bitcoin is now the best investment against central bank policies.

It should be noted that Grayscale currently manages assets of $ 3 billion and controls 1.7% of all bitcoin reserves.

The company’s report, entitled Bitcoin’s Quantitative Tightening (instead of the usual “quantitative easing”), says unlimited money depreciates the US dollar.

Grayscale points out that the aggressive Fed monetary policy has led to "unacceptable debt levels and fears of widespread default."

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Fiat currencies are subject to depreciation risk, government bonds reflect low or negative yields, and gold is deprecated as a means of hedging money.

On the other hand, after about two weeks, there will be a bitcoin halving aimed at reducing its emission, which will also strengthen its status of “hard money”.

In his report, Grayscale also says that "investors must understand the effects of state currency and fiscal intervention."

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In early April, BnkToTheFuture CEO Simon Dixon invited the Keiser Report program, called the current global financial system “the world's largest regulated pyramid".