Grayscale launches Solana-based trust

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Digital asset management company Grayscale Investments has announced the launch of trust to invest in the native token of the Solana network.

“We attract assets for the trust through regular private placement, thanks to which investors will be able to acquire the asset at net worth,” the statement said.

The trust uses the CoinDesk SLX Index to determine the daily value of an asset. The annual commission for using the service will be 2.5% without the need to pay any fees in advance.

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The company intends to bring the Solana trust securities to the secondary market by analogy with the Bitcoin-based fund but does not give guarantees, citing possible restrictions from the regulatory authorities.

“Investors must be prepared to bear the risk of holding shares indefinitely,” added Grayscale Investments.

The investment product will become the sixteenth in the company's lineup. According to the latest reports, at the moment, under its management, there are assets for $ 52.7 billion.