Google Cloud Joins EOS

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Google Cloud joins EOS

Google Cloud may become the next block producer of EOS. After the news went public, the EOS token raised 17%.

EOS blockchain, designed by Block.One, utilizes a special semi-decentralization speciality - a chain of 21 block producers. The main difference between EOS and many other networks is that decisions here must be approved by EOS owners. There are no infinite amount of nodes to mine and confirm operations.

It's the first time that Silicon Valley-based leading company like Google aims to be EOS block producer. The association will create opportunities for the open-source community of developers to participate and create applications on EOS.

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Anyway, the decision to allow Google Cloud to become a BP will be put to a vote among token owners. It means that the partnership will be approved if 21 block producers vote in favour of it.

In another development, informed about a possible partnership with Martin Chavez, a famous American investment banker and entrepreneur. He may become the head of the firm's advisory board.