Genesis to Buy $94 M Worth of Mining Equipment From Canaan

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Genesis mining grows

BTC mining firm Genesis has ordered machines valued at $93.63 from computer hardware manufacturer Canaan.

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Particularly, Genesis is going to receive Canaan's most recent AvalonMiner A1246 model, which has a hashrate capacity of 90 tera hashes per second (TH/s).

Currently, the BTC computing potential of Genesis is 140 megawatts (MW). The new equipment will add 117 MW to this number. Bitcoin mining companies worldwide continue to increase the number of their machinery and acquire more powerful ones. As the price of the leading cryptocurrency has achieved record highs since the start of 2021, miners' revenues have grown too. In March the indicator surpassed $1.75 B.

Capitalization of the leading companies broke records. Among the largest ones are Riot blockchain, Hive blockchain, and others.

The mining process to generate new bitcoin involves solving complex mathematical puzzles, which require large amounts of energy. It became the concern of many and people from different industries are trying to come up with new solutions.