Experts link drop in BTC with rising of gold and USD prices

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Experts were able to find the reason why the BTC fell below $ 50,000 after analyzing the rate of the most popular assets among investors. Thus, financial market experts concluded that the fall in the value of the leading digital asset is associated with the strengthening of gold and the US dollar.

Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, the value of BTC was close to various levels - from $42,000 to $46,000. And this is even though on Monday, the first cryptocurrency was trading in the region of $ 50,500.

Analysts suggested that the massive sale of BTC is associated with a fall in the value of gold, assessing the general situation in the investment sector. By the way, it also showed the maximum daily price drop on Tuesday - almost 2%. The $ 1800 indicator is still holding, which may have made investors forget about Bitcoin for a while and start buying gold.