Ethereum Co-Founder Anthony Di Iorio Quits Crypto

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Anthony Di Iorio quits crypto

In a recent interview, Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio said he's freezing his main connections to the crypto sector. The entrepreneur is selling his current blockchain-focused innovation hub Decentral to establish a non-profit organization in the coming year.

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Di Iorio says he wants to be mentioned as a problem solver and not a crypto guy. The new project would adopt the core ideas that Di Iorio came up with during his crypto career.

It even may use blockchain to solve what he referred to as big problems. The financial backing of the initiative will be managed from Di Iorio's personal capital. Di Iorio estimates the sale at a few hundred mln. USD. As mentioned by the entrepreneur, he had already talked to the potential buyers. He intends to make the deal in fiat or in another enterprise stake rather than crypto.

According to the 2018 Forbes listings, Di Iorio's capital was worth around $1 B.

Di Iorio founded Decentral in 2014. The company has created a community of hundreds of partner projects, most notably the digital asset wallet Jaxx Liberty.

Although he’s about to leave his role of blockchain influencer, Di Iorio noted he would employ the technology among other tech solutions for his planned organization.